Mercedes Lackey Fantasy Quarterly

Submission Guidelines

Mercedes Lackey Fantasy Quarterly is currently Closed to Submissions.

An e-zine.POD magazine showcasing the best of today's fantasy short stories. 

Mercedes Lackey's Fantasy Quarterly Magazine Submission Guidelines:

Payment starts at SFWA pro-rates (currently set at $0.08/word).

What we are looking for:
Fantasy stories of all genres: High, low, traditional, epic, sword & secrecy, urban, romance, science-fantasy, horror, and magical realism. As long as there is a fantastical element to the story, we will look at it.
• Complete stories: They have a beginning, middle, and end. No vignettes. No slice of life. Stories with conflict and resolutions.
• 2000-6000 words.
• Fantasy poetry.

Hard Sells:
• Long-form poetry (above 1,000 words).
• Feminist dystopian stories.

What we do NOT want:
• Any type of story that does not have a fantasy element to it.
• Rape and revenge stories. No hurting the woman/child to turn on their superpower.
• Kill the animal stories. Seriously, we are all animal lovers here.
• Violence for violence’s sake.
• Anything that makes us sigh and think “TVtropes.”
• Cliché monster stories (romantic vampire, emo werewolf, zombie apocalypse, evil witch, etc…)

Please submit your story in the following format:
• .rtf, .doc, .docx formats ONLY
• 12-point Times New Roman, Cambria, or Palatino fonts ONLY
• 1-inch margins all around.
• Double-spaced lines
• DO NOT put an extra space between each paragraph
• The story should be labeled as follows: “Submission Title by Jane Q. Writer”